Cover of the Week 28/9 – Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #11 by Amy Reeder


Amy Reeder’s covers are always a delight because they are always fun and colourful. The landscape format of this comic works wonders in showing the sheer enormity of Devil Dinosaur as he charges down the street. There are so many lovely effects that help to show movement such as the straight lines behind the creature, the taxi ever so slightly angulated, the people running to move out of the way, the litter spread around, and Lunella lunging backwards trying to keep up. It is so impressive and even the colour effects on the dino’s eyes are left behind as he runs. The palette that Reeder employs always bring a smile as the bright reds and yellows together with all the different apparel, makes everyone distinct and noticeable. There are so many focus points, including the person lifting up the window to see what the commotion is on the top left and a guy in shorts falling back to avoid being hit. The colourful graffiti is a hidden gem that befits the theme of the page. Above all else Amy has a sense of composition and this is why her comics always have wonderful front pages and deliver their message with huge aplomb.

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