Cover of the Week 5/10 – Jessica Jones #1 by David Mack


It always brings me great pleasure to deliver more and more reasons as to why David Mack is such an amazing artist. His delicate touches of watercolours and his wonderful sense of realism and style capture the essence of the characters at hand. His own devotion to Jessica Jones carries on through to the current incarnation as he produces this cover. The side profile and skeptical glance capture her mystery and privacy, especially the way her hands are hidden almost as if she is about to turn around and walk away from you. As always with Mack, you have to delve deeper and look at the way his watercolours not only provide texture but how their mosaic pattern brings such aesthetic colour composition. The purples and blues on the jeans and the small brush strokes on the tassels of her scarf. The background has a darker shade around her hair and is very precise in outlining her character instead of it just sitting on a white background. It bears a sense of space and is quite an interesting effect. As always with David Mack’s work, I find myself noticing new aspects of his work that convey something new, which is why I always enjoy studying his work so much.

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