Cover of the Week 26/10 – The Ultimates #12 by Kenneth Rocafort


There is pure and powerful passion present on this page, as the ever so glorious Galactus brings life to planets. Readers of this book will know how the mirrored planet eaters is seminal to Ewing’s run of this title. Not only is the golden sheen to his garb emitting such glory but the reversed Galactus paradigm also brings hope. The delicate colouring with a reflective yellow sheen is matched by the blue green platform on which he stands, as it forms the base of the universe he is creating. His hands are literally producing planets and they fly off to take their place in the galaxy, where the darkness of space meets the white of nothingness. The enormity of the task brings Galactus into focus and an appreciation of his perspective. Rocafort has always drawn with finesse and detail but his face and helmet are just wonderfully exquisite in intricacy. His final act seems to bestow power onto an individual in his left hand and given he creates planets with the other, who know how much of a deity he can himself create.

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