Cover of the Week 12/10 – Wrath of the Eternal Warrior #12 by Juan Jose Ryp


The use of space is a key strategy in the expression of a comic and sometimes the absence on the page says more than the art. The key is the composition and Juan Jose Ryp sets this page up with tension and anticipation. Gilad is making progress up the stone wall and his size makes the distance more appreciable, in not only how far he has to travel but also the ground he has covered. This works from the bottom upwards but also from side to side. Jose Ryp has a flair for detail and texture which helps to build the stone wall effect. As your gaze wanders upwards you notice the brave and bold font of the title, almost marked out as a poster board. Moving further then you see the soldiers waiting nonchalantly atop the fort, with no idea that Gilad is below. The variation is quite impressive as they all appear distinct with different armours and coloured hair. Note the bright blue beard of the solider to the left as an example of the intricate detail. The climber has the element of surprise and there will be no hope for those oblivious above. Juan Jose Ryp tells a fantastic story of a lonesome warrior who travels from afar to overcome great foes, all from a single image.

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