A blaze of glory…

Nah, I ain’t going out like that.

For a long time I have pondered over this love I have for comics, writing and the friends I have made. I read comics and I still have that burning desire to read on…with some anyway. For the last few months all I have really wanted to read were Transformers comics because, now that I have caught up, they are the stories I am desperate to read.

That’s not good enough…not for the House anyway. It has been left in a state of disrepair and ruin because I have not replenished its sheen or replaced its wares. It does not deserve that and the art, that I have dedicated five years and 680 posts to, needs to go out in a blaze of glory and celebration. And that is exactly what it is going to do.

I thought about compiling my top fifty comics and writing about each and every one of them, giving a compendium of what I see as the greatest work of graphic art out there. The House converted to Museum so to speak, but then I thought of one better. The House has never been a place for showcase or observation, rather participation and discourse and so I want to invite you to help decorate. I want to review the books people love, allowing an insight into the loves of the friends that have supported me throughout my writing, and for me to give back as a symbol of my gratitude.

So I shall be in touch and I ask you to ponder over what books you think I should read, reviewed, should have already discussed or books you just want me to talk about. And in the end we will bid adieu to the people met along the way, and the books that brought us together in the very beginning.

I shall see you at the end of this last adventure!


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