The Theatre List 13/2 – The name of the tortoise is Image

I visited my local comic shop this weekend and my friend told me that Image sales are increasing significantly. It is almost as if the arguing over costumes and origins has left DC and Marvel vulnerable to competition. This week saw a highly recommended selection of independent comics which were by far the best books, if we exclude Batman. Its a good week to be Image and I hope there are more weeks like this ahead.


Batman-17-pg-000aBatman #17

An incredible end to an incredible arc. Check my review for more details






Batman & Robin #17

An abstract dreamlike comic representing the aftermath of DOTF from Damien, Bruce and Alfred’s perspective. Lovely poignant scenes that are very emotional and endearing.





Uncanny X-Men v3 001-000

Uncanny X-Men #1

You may have heard me express my love for Bachalo’s art in the past but it is so good seeing him in this book. It is a book that sets up a traitor to the “Scott was right” brigade, and has the establishment of Cyclops’ X-Men. Well written and superbly pencilled.



Avengers Arena 004-000

Avengers Arena #4 

When you launch a book about young obscure heroes dying every issue, you do not expect a coherent and well thought out character analysis. However that is what this book it, a personal journey into the young heros’ lives and how this shapes their reactions in a kill or be killed environment.




Secret Avengers 01-000

Secret Avengers #1

A new creative team leads the small Avengers cast into a new story of deceit and espionage. Unsurprisingly this involves Black Widow and Hawkeye! An intriguing start with a new look Fury and great twist.






Bedlam #4 

Another great issue of a horror themed book. The art looks as crazy as it’s antagonist! Well written and sculpted characters told from the point of view of a reformed homicidal sociopath.





Clone #4

This is a classic all out action and government conspiracy movie! The clone aspect of the story is great and the art is very dynamic and able to distinguish the identical clones.




Fatale 012-000

Fatale #12

This is a stand alone story about another femme fatale, her link to Josephine is not clear. However it is another tale of horror, eerily drawn and wonderfully told. A great jump on to the gothic genre.




Morning Glories 024 (2013) (Digital) (K6DVR-Empire) 00

Morning Glories #24

I do not know how Nick Spencer keeps us so engrossed in ridiculously complex and intertwined plot streams. He takes out a piece of the story and then has the ability to provide deep character insights, without frustration. Just fantastic.





Cyber Force #3

This post apocalyptic cyborg infested plot has got me intrigued. It involves the classic themes of the unlikely child holding the secret to the world, the deeply covert talented dissident and the evil supreme monarchy. The art is good to see and the story is moving at a reasonable pace.



The Manhattan Projects 009-000

Manhattan Projects #9

I wrote about the daring cover to this book and how it screams without screaming. Then I tweeted about this book, “In book where Einstein hits a luchadore in back of the head with a title belt, that will be my favourite comic book ever.” Need I say more?



So we begin the list with my favourite mainstream book and end it with the best indy title. Image is really starting 2013 with a bang and I cannot wait to read more.

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