The Theatre List 11/12 – Surely that’s just your whole pull list?

Surely it isn’t. Unfortunately my complete pull was rather large last week and it has completely surprised me that I have broken my record for the largest recommended number of books since starting this post. It is obscene, people cannot buy this many books a month without spending a fortune. However, as one person stated on my HOFS questionnaire, we are in a golden age of comics and there is a phenomenal amount of quality out there. Notable omissions include the Justice League & JLA Forever Evil book which lacked deep meaning to a villain & hero origins, and JL 3000 which was interesting but not unmissable. I have become a little satiated with Inhumanity and have little interest in the tie-ins such as the Awakening and Might Avengers. Uncanny X-Men INH was cutesy and a decent link to the overarching Hickman book but not really important. Given the lack of mainstream central crossovers, how do I still have sixteen books on the list? Well Ill tell you, and you will be surprised to find only five of them are DC or Marvel.


Superman-Wonder Woman (2013-) 003-000

Superman Wonder Woman #3

This book is trying to do too much. It has already introduced two of Superman’s biggest ever villains as well as trying to maintain a relationship. Whatever your thoughts are on Clark and Diana’s relationship, Soule is writing a lovely story about them. This includes a surprisingly intimate conversation about relationships between Bruce and Clark, for that alone it is worth reading.



Forever Evil - Arkham War (2013-) 003-000

Forever Evil: Arkham War #3

Of all the FE books this is the one I am enjoying most. This comes as no surprise when you realise it is written by Tomasi, who is an exceptional creator. The Bat villains are well known and this war between them plays to their sensibilities perfectly, the battle is pretty fantastic too.



2013-12-11 07-42-48 - Batman (2011-) 026-000

Batman #26

What is left to say about this book? It is wonderful in all aspects, especially the colouring. Highlights from this issue include Bruce berating Gordon for being a corrupt cop, and it is pretty damning.






Wolverine & the X-Men #39

Just excellent work and Aaron can write Scott and Logan together better than anybody else. Despite the two of them taking down sentinels we still have a significant part of the book dedicated to the school and its students, who are not who they seem.




The Superior Foes of Spider-Man 006 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

Superior Foes of Spider-Man #6

Spencer once again has us enthralled with his portrayal of minor villains betraying one another. He spent a long time developing Boomerang but now he slowly moves onto his other cast. Spencer is just an incredible writer.





Uber 008 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

Uber #8

The Russians were pretty ruthless in the war and Gillen takes that fact and applies it to the Ubermensch plot. Its severity is so compelling and upsetting that we truly feel for the central female protagonist of this issue. The final pages are harrowing.




Three 003-000Three #3

Gillen switching to another historical timepiece where he tells the courageous tale of the Helots fleeing persecution from the Spartans. He keeps it relevant but also faithful to the cultures he describes. Kelly’s art is quite expressive and everyone looks so intimidating and angry.



The Wraith - Welcome To Christmasland 002-000The Wraith #2

This book is chilling to the core. The stories presented are not pleasant and the art stirs feelings of dread. You know something bad is going to happen and when you see the number plate NOS4A2 then it can only get worse.




Shaolin Cowboy 003-001

Shaolin Cowboy #3

Geof Darrow rocks it again as we have an almost silent book with zombie destruction throughout. The art is great but this time there is some panelling shuffling and it really adds to the movement of the action. Sheer audacity.




Satellite Sam 005-000

Satellite Sam #5

I shall be reviewing this book very soon!






Manifest Destiny #2

As well as having the greatest cover in weeks, the story is thrilling. As the British land on foreign land to explore new life, they come across something altogether unexpectedly dangerous. Matthew Roberts art is gorgeous but Owen Gieni really breathes life into the lifeless.



Lazarus 005-000

Lazarus #5

The story of Forever Carlyle continues to develop ever so slowly whilst the world around her conspires against the families. There is a large degree of suspense at hand here and I am just waiting for Forever to really come into her own and take control. Lark’s art remains quintessential as ever.



Dead Body Road 001 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

Dead Body Road #1

This is an exemplary opener from the entire creator crew. The story is a classic job gone wrong and all involved are running scared and looking for vengeance. Jordan is great in his character set up and organisation whilst Scalera brings out the torrid emotions of the cast. His work is Sean Murphy-esque in facial detailing and it looks great.



Day Men 002 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

Day Men #2

Despite being a long time since the first I am quite enjoying this book. It plays similarly to Lazarus with warring families and a central bodyguard protagonist but it is based around vampires. The fight sequences are great and the colours bring about a great aesthetic.



Chew 038-000

Chew #38

It amazes how Layman and Guillory keep this book fresh with the continuing storyline. They have really brought the supporting cast into their own and are truly indulging themselves with the food based powers. Just wonderful




Alex + Ada 002-000

Alex + Ada #2

And in complete contrast to all the above, we have this little gem. It is a simple story of a love lost and escape from loneliness. The art and colouring is simple and beautiful and captures the subtle emotional undertones. Ada is so sweet and you begin to develop feelings for her, even though she is an android.


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