The House of Flying Scalpels 2013 Comic Award Questionnaire!

HOFS 2013 Qs

Please send your answers to with a form of identifier – e.g. Name, Twitter handle or website address, or even anonymous. Deadline for submission is 27th December so I can post it 1st January 2014.

From the incredibly positive response of last year’s participants, I learnt two things: Readers like to express their opinion and they are very loyal. This was the reason why I put up a further post full of people’s thoughts last year. I plan to do something similar with the 2013 awards. I have listed 12 essential questions, which consist of the basic categories. But I have also asked specific questions relating to popular topics across the three main publishers. I would love to hear your thoughts but most importantly your votes. Feel free to wax lyrical on the questions but also feel no pressure to give any more than single word answers. I appreciate whatever time you can spare on this. It is a poll for us the loving comic book readers; so make sure you have fun with it. I cannot wait for your answers.


A. The Essential Questions

1.  Who has been the publisher of the year?

2.  Who have been your top 3 writers?




3.  Who have been your top 3 artists?




4.  Which colourist has stood out from the crowd this year?

5.  Which writer/artist combination have been your favourite of 2013?

6.  What have been your top 3 mainstream books?




7.  What have been your top 3 independent books (non Marvel/DC)?




8.  What has been your favourite story arc this year?

9.  Which character have you fallen in love with, completely taking you by surprise?

10.  Which has been the best tie in/B title to a mainstream arc this year?

11.  Which new ongoing have you started reading, that you instantly regretted having not picked up earlier?

12.  What have you absolutely hated about/in comics this year?


B. The fun stuff (Completely optional)

Given that not everyone reads everything, I hope you enjoy answering some key questions relating to some of the books you love.


1.  Do you miss Damian? Explain yourself!

2.  Often the villain story is more compelling than the good guys: Is Forever Evil doing justice to the bad guy? (i.e. are you just waiting for the JL to return?)

3.  Is Hal Jordan an impressing you as the new leader of the GLC?


1.  Was Cyclops right?

2.  How much longer do you think Peter Parker should be kept out of action?

3.  Do the Avengers need to get bigger?

4.  Given so much of Jonathan Hickman’s work is based around science/mythology/origins of the universe, do you think he believe in God?


1.  What concerns you most about what Kirkman is going to do in the The Walking Dead: All out war?

2.  Outside of Alana and Marko, who is your favourite Saga character?

3.  What has been the best new Image title this year?

(e.g. Pretty Deadly, Lazarus, Nowhere Men, Dead Body Road, Zero, Alex & Ada, Rocket Girl, Manifest Destiny, Satellite Sam, Sheltered, Snapshot, Three, East of West, Secret, Ten Grand, Ghosted, Jupiter’s Legacy, Storm Dogs, Velvet, Rat Queens, Sex Criminals)

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