Cover of the Week 18/12 – Pretty Deadly #3 by Emma Rios

Pretty Deadly 003-000Okay, I feel better now because the last time I featured an Emma Rios cover of the week was in October. I am in serious danger of always focusing on her artwork every month because it is so fantastic. This piece is delicately arranged in a perfect artistic and emotional balance. The central character is sullen and almost sulking, smack bang in the centre of the page. She is sitting precariously on a rocky perch whilst a vulture grips onto her shoulders with wings at full spread. The cover feels as if it is at perfect harmony, a still capture of a dynamic image, but yet a poignant moment in time where everything is still. There is a mixture of emotions at play, we do not know whether to feel worried for the child and the beast taking her away or if that creature is a defender and she is deep in serenity. The background is superficially dangerous but she seems to be unaware or unfettered by the risks around her. The obvious thoughts the page conjures are almost an illusion to the underlying position at hand. Emma Rios draws with intricate detailing with very thin pencils but does not convolute the cover. This is because she is quite selective with how she draws, demonstrated by the beautiful vulture’s wings compared to her clothing. It is an interesting skill I rarely notice, detailing where it is most required. The colouring is as expected, unlike any other book, as we see drab greys with dulcet warm pinks contrasting wonderfully. This is harmonious with the title and brings a glimmer of light to the bleakness of the image. It is such a wonderful image and it cannot be understated how delicate Rios’ sense of compostion is. The whole book completely fascinates and I cannot wait to revel in joy as the plot unfolds.

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