The Theatre List 18/12 – Unwrapping the Image X-Mas presents!

Looking at the omissions from this list, there are a hell of a lot. Not only a number of titles but some core books including Thor, Deadpool and multiple Avengers books. Thor was solid but not interesting enough and I do think it misses Esad Ribic. Deadpool was also a decent story but the art was not as good as Shalvey’s from the last arc. Its tone has returned to a more comedic one which is a slight shame. The X-Men books were average, well average for Bendis. I have little interest in X-23 joining the group as she should not fit with the cutesy nature of Bendis young X-Men. However if you are enjoying the book then this will not disappoint you. X-Men is far off the mark for me because, as many woman as the book contain, I find it hard to distinguish the characters. The Avengers books were very much below par. Uncanny Avengers suffers with the lack of grandiosity it tries to achieve, falling between Hickman’s Avengers and Bendis’ X-Men. Young Avengers was fun but the change in artist is always contentious for me. I enjoyed Secret Avengers but it’s mid arc stalling stops it from being a recommendation. With regards to DC, I found New Guardians a little exposition heavy and Wonder Woman quite repetitive. I was quite disappointed with Rogues Rebellion which has been great but it seems to struggle to portray a fight through the art and panelling. Anyhow lets take a look at some of the better books this week, and it was a large week again.



Batman & Two-Face #26

Just fantastic. Both storytelling and art is a perfectly honed craft, and the introduction of a new gangster family has been a refreshing angle to the usual Two-Face stories. Gleason is brilliant again and his symmetrical straight on facials are disturbing as ever.





Superior Spider-Man 024-000

Superior Spider-Man #24

Dan Slott needs the greatest credit for making it a year without Peter Parker, and keeping us all interested in this book. The intensity is ramped up as SpOck struggles to maintain his composure with the Venom symbiote becoming harder to control. It is coming to a head and this arc will end with a bang.



Daredevil 034-000Daredevil #34

Even though Samnee isn’t on this book, Rodriguez is a suitable stand in because he complements Waid pretty well. His colouring is wonderful and Daredevil is as optimistic as dashing as ever. Its the small touches that make it, such as running backwards in a park flirting with his ex-girlfriend. Beautiful.



FF v2 015-000

FF #15

This book hits a spot that others fail to. It balances the fallible adult heroes with the immensely talented and cute kids, fighting giant bad guys such as Doom. It does it with a sense of fun and, despite the destruction Doom can bring, we feel the kids will be safe. Its just lovely.




Zero 004-000

Zero #4

Just brilliant work from Ales Kot. He manages to pull off the espionage angle incredibly well and the art from Jeske is gritty and dirty as required. The colouring adds a definite layer of texture that makes the brutality quite visceral. It is just fantastic.





Umbral #2

This book is clearly quite fantastical. Its art is whimsical and elaborate bringing out the magical mystery of the plot. I make it sound like a children’s book but it really isn’t, because the themes are quite dark and the gory violence quite patent. I’m interested to see where it goes.



Saga 017-000

Sage #17

BKV and Fiona Staples are perfectly in sync and the characters we all have learned to love, are threatened. The arc is coming to fruition and there is some genuine fear and dread at what comes next. BKV seems to lack the nostalgia required to keep hold of his characters and this is what unnerves the reader. I am quite nervous about the final issue of the current story.



Revival 016 (2013) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

Revival #16

The zombie and undead tropes combine with a detective story, as our two beloved sisters are trying to uncover the conspiracy underlying the Revivers. The art is fantastic as always and the scenes of horror are gruesome as ever. I never imagined this book would maintain its longevity, and I am happy that it is still going strong.



Pretty Deadly 003-000

Pretty Deadly #3

Kelly Sue is slowly making this story come together and it is quite the intoxicating tale. Rios’ art is wonderful as this westerns proves to be anything but. The colours are a joy to see and sets the scene in the desert but also the horrific purgatory environments.





East of West #8

This book will never not be on this pull list, because each issue has a perfectly composed story with a start and a finish. The chapters combine well to the overall arc and it always leaves a satisfying ending. Dragotta’s art is perfectly arcane and heavy for an apocalyptic tale.



Locke and Key

Locke & Key Alpha #2

I struggle to find the words, but I must as I have to review this next week.





Imagine Agents 003-000

Imagine Agents #3

A lovely children’s book which suitably creates a lovely plot with childhood imaginary friends. The art is comical and cute, with brilliant cuddly fantasy characters.





Black Science 002-000

Black Science #2

This book is certainly engrossing. The science fiction plot may be quite classic but Scalera’s art is gorgeous and a joy to read. Remender narrative is solid and well paced, but I do wonder where the real depth of the book lies.


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