The Theatre List 5/2 – All New Marvel #1s are Go Go Go

The launch of All New Marvel Now has really kicked into gear this week. Not only have we had new titles starting, but they have actually been surprisingly good. The added caveat to this is the supposed relaunch of X-Men, which is actually just the continuation of an already running arc. This is the one aspect of the #1 promotions that really irks me. That and Wolverine #1 was unimpressive, especially considering the end of the previous title. I care little that Logan uses a gun and that he has a nuclear blast surviving armour which as far as I am concerned, puts him at an even keel with many other heroes. Forever Evil also came out and saw the actual return of Sinestro, which I struggle to handle. I am not sure whether it is because I had said good bye or that his story had ended beautifully, or maybe it is because I wrote five thousand words on why he is the greatest lantern and will be sorely missed. Either way I have to deal with it because I am unlikely to not pick up his new solo title. Anyhow it was a good week for comics!



Green Lantern/Red Lanterns #28

One aspect of this book I loved, aside from the flip book gimmick was how they used Kara as a Red Lantern. Not only was she not really a feature until the end, but she was not a special guest character to boost sales.The story took priority and it was a solid one with great heroic art, as is necessary.




Batman - Black and White (2013-) 006-000

Batman Black & White #6

This issue was just a fantastic selection of stories from Cloonan, Hughes and the awesome Dave Johnson. The final three stories were incredible in their ingenuity and negative reflections of the Bat, and they were wonderfully draw. Genuinely disturbing scenes.





Earth #20

I am so impressed that the book has carried on in strength since the departure of Robinson. The art is great and heroic in nature and the characters are still slowly being introduced. It will be interesting to see how they come together in the end, but I am still enjoying the journey.




The Superior Foes of Spider-Man 008 (2014) (Digital) (Darkness-Empire) 001

Superior Foes of Spider-Man #8

These guys are just great to read and I especially enjoyed watching Boomerang on a date. Nick Spencer is mastering the loveable rogue aspect of his characters but I wish they would all just get along!




All-New Invaders (2014-) 002-000


All New Invaders #2

The feel of this book is quite novel as it is a reunion of characters from long ago. They interact well and it is nice to see classic Cap outside of the Avengers books. The art is lovely too especially the title pages.




New Avengers v3 014-000

New Avengers #14

As much as I have rarely enjoyed Bianchi art I must say that the story is quite compelling. He does do monsters and demons well and the parallel universe take in this book is well written.




Ms. Marvel (2014-) 001-000

Ms Marvel #1

Now here is an intriguing opener to a new book. Not only do we have an unusual culture to familiarise ourself with but it is treated with sensitivity. Musing about Islamic lifestyle and culture is a difficult task but this book treats it well because it does not focus on the fact the family is Muslim, more on the fact that the parents are strict and that the son is lazy, universal to all walks of life. However the final twist is going to be tough to explain….




Mighty Avengers (2013-) 006-000

Mighty Avengers #6

There is a conversation in this book that started to become very juicy but ended prematurely. I won’t spoil it but there is a great deal of character exposition that leaves a thirst for more. Plus I love the cover.




Loki - Agent of Asgard 001-000

Loki #1

Even though @VAGentlenerd is sending me a copy of this, I cannot wait for international postage to actually read it. It was fun, a nuanced approach to a new Loki and a good story with twists and turns. But you knew I would say that didn’t you?




Captain America v716.NOW-000

Captain America #16

Jet Black is a great character as she fights the paternal instincts she was brought up with. Meeting a surprise foster uncle in this issue really brought out her true feelings. Interestingly, the way in which it was presented, I thought she should probably turn to the dark side and was unconvinced she didn’t. Need a bit of Cap in there to provide the balance as this was very much as solo issue.





Black Widow #3

There was a new theme involved in the latest of the Black Widow one shots. It was regarding where your home is and the importance of one when being a ruthless spy. Great art as always and the stories are becoming more and more interesting. Needs an arc soon though.




The Punisher (2014-) 001-000

The Punisher #1

It is hard to really decide whether I should recommend this or not as it didn’t really grab me as a story. However the art and plot were great throughout, I was just looking for more and as an opener it was average.





Trillium 006-000

Trillium #6

I don’t really look forward to this book but I have no idea why, because I always really enjoy it. Maybe it is because the trickery becomes almost annoying as it impedes the flow of the book. It is probably more so the two stories that mirror each other and do not often link. its still gorgeous in appearance.




Lazarus 006-000

Lazarus #6

Forever is the one beacon of hope in a bleak non political money orientated future. It is a dark work that Rucka and Lark have created and our central protagonist is my only hope at some positivity. However even she is toiled in morality and is only slowly making her way into the light.


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