Cover of the Week 12/2 – She-Hulk #1 by Kevin Wada

She-Hulk (2014-) 001-000

If Superman was this sloppy when it came to changing back into Clark Kent, then his secret would have never remained. Though Ive no actual idea how a roaring hulk would break through a wall in such a manner, but it is fun to imagine. I have always liked She-Hulk especially when she was written by Peter David, and I am excited to see a solo book return. Wada’s art is very soft and pleasing to the eye with some gorgeous colouring, complementing her green and purple colouring perfectly. Not only does she appear like she is emerging from a hole in the wall, but also a hole in the front page of the comic. The cracks appearing from her silhouette are a lovely touch. I also adore the look on Ms. Walters face as she looks up at the damage she has just done whilst trying to change into her work clothes and put her shoes on. It is the classic theme of a superhero trying to maintain two lives, even though Shulkie clearly is not trying to hide her identity. The bruising, blood, dust laden skirt and frayed tights highlight how difficult it is to achieve a work/superhero life balance. But she endures, as they all do and is determined to get back to business no matter her condition. This is only testament to her the resiliency of her character. The added touch of having lettering down the side of the page, adds to the giant sized nature of She-Hulk. This is such as gorgeous cover and may well set the theme of her brand spanking new solo book.

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