The Theatre List 7/5 – Punishing spiders with a paperclip

I have to make a few declarations this week. Firstly I did not enjoy Original Sin and that is not because it wasn’t a decent issue because it was. However the build and sentiment based around a character that bares little significance is beyond my comprehension. I also feel it delves into the territory of the Guardians and Hickman’s Avengers and there will be yet another intergalactic crossover. There are already enough of these books out there. However the book was solidly written with reasonable art but there was nothing of a core ethos to indulge me. Earth 2 has lost the slow paced but important character based writing it once has under Robinson, I seemed to care less about the characters now they have become very much Bat and Supe focused. Finally I must confess that Iron Fist is not a book that is appealing to me at all. This is because I do not enjoy reading Danny because he is so far removed from his character and the art is so thick and heavily pencilled that it only really emanates through the flashback sequences. In any case there were many great books to buy and the above title refers to three of my Marvel favourites.


Batman-Eternal-005-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Batman Eternal #5

This issue was a nice break from the Bat and Gordon centric story and actually featured some repercussions from Death of the Family. I thoroughly enjoyed reading Tim and Harper for a change and enjoyed their aspects of the story. The weekly format lends to the development of side plots and I liking the inclusion of new characters.



Detective Comics (2011-) 031-000Detective Comics #31

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Magneto (2014-) 003-000Magneto #3

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Black-Widow-006-(2014)-(Digital)-(Nahga-Empire)-001Black Widow #6

Another fantastic issue as Noto’s art continues to shine. Edmondson’s story is really developing its isolationist and paranoia themes quite nicely and is slowly making progress with its plot. There is an especially delightful cameo appearance by Hawkeye which is linked to his solo book. It serves an interesting purpose.



Moon Knight (2014-) 003-000Moon Knight #3

This is rather a strange book with no obvious underlying story. Ellis is painting an intriguing picture of Moon Knight and this issue focuses on the personal journey of Spector whilst trying to stop ghostly gang members. We appear to be crafting a kind of hero and a set of powers not fully elucidated. I can inly imagine where this might go but for now these stand alone issues are great.


The Punisher (2014-) 005-000The Punisher #5

Simply put the art in this book is gorgeous. This issue sees the remarkably difficult task of drawing rain and electricity on the same panels. The aquamarine colouring strikes a glorious balance between the two forms of weather and Gerads is able to show their effects on people excellently. The story is making reasonable progress but we have yet to iron out Punisher’s character in this title.


She-Hulk (2014-) 004-000She-Hulk #4

I just adored this fun issue featuring Shulkie meeting up with Daredevil. It lends to some humorous conversations and some intriguing lawyer chat, which I am sure is more realistic than I can give credit for. Pulido’s art is glorious as always and the colouring by Vicente is bright and attractive which is befitting of Jennifer’s personality.


The Wake 008-000The Wake #8

I think we have all gotten used to the revamp future storyline that is of a different tone and colouring. It is certainly more of a pirate affair and our central character is trying to ascertain a link to the past, linking it with the first arc. The book is gloriously drawn and no one can argue that Murphy isn’t one of the greatest artists out there right now.



Alex + Ada 006-000Alex + Ada #6

There is little overtly unique about this book in the fact that Ada’s story is well know to all sci-fi media fans out there. The android developing sentience is a well know trope but Vaughn does an excellent job in pacing and development of the Alex + Ada friendship. I cannot emphasis the wonder of Luna’s art as she uses letterbox panels effectively and provides the most subtle of emotional nuances.


Satellite Sam 008-000Satellite Sam #8

The Tijuana bible has finally arrived! This is a colloquialism for a pornographic booklet and is featured within this comic. I am cheering for it because Howard Chaykin once explained what it was to me and so I understand it’s appearance. Once again the depravity knows know bounds and the sins of the father come back to haunt Michael with great devastation and repercussion.


Rat-Queens-006-(2014)-(Digital)-(Fawkes-Empire)-001Rat Queens #6

It is so good to see these ladies return and in spectacular fashion. This comic is the post party hangover and is genuinely amusing and honest. Each characters lives up to expectations and the progression of a few key plot points, twists and all. It is worth reading just to witness the badass nature of Hannah.

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