Cover of the Week 28/6 – Might Avengers #10 (variant) by Greg Land


I know I know its Greg Land, and we are all supposed to hate his erotic pose, lustful visages lifted straight from fashion magazines. However this cover is beautiful. There is a clear seventies theme to the collage of iconic styles and fashions. It contains the classic stereotypes taken from Blaxploitation movies including the cool looking afros with an assortment of weapons including a knife and a long barrelled gun. Those are certainly lifted off many an iconic movie poster. The ladies looks sexy and alluring with their vibrant hair and pressing stares. You have to love the green sunglasses, the giant hat and chequered suit with a black polo neck. There are a couple of nice images that allude to the era and break up the head shots quite nicely. They are a little cliche but the peace sign and Nixon button are a nice touch. The colours are great and as bright as they would have been in the seventies with fantastic greens, purples and reds. The composition is lovely and sits on the page proportionally allowing space for the barcode and issue number box, and even the Mighty Avengers’ logo sneaks into the page quite inconspicuously. Say what you will about Greg Land but his artwork does provide that perfection and exquisiteness feel. This is most certainly the quality you search for when promoting work and advertising your product, such as the comic above. There was little doubt I would be not buying this cover variation and it is the coolest cover I have seen in a while.

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