The Theatre List 28/5 – The Safe Haven of Creator Owned Comics

Another impressive week hails in new comic book day and I have recommended almost two thirds of the books I read. DC comics had a minimalistic week because there were only a couple of books that I even bought, and Eternal was left off the list. As I have been mentioning recently the title is very much like a weekly television soap and addresses a subplot quite tentatively. To be honest this suits the format but the anti Batman story has been done before. The Jim Gordon focus has been removed temporarily and the consequences of his absence are just not that interesting. There is little doubt it will pick up given the quality of the creative crew. I must make a quick note to mention that I was irritated at the lack of Captain Marvel in Guardians this week, even though she has been plastered on the cover. The issue read similarly to the last with the Guardians being separated and dispersed, but this time that isolation theme is developed upon. It was not bad but it’s a little tacky that each member of the group is sent to a completely different intergalactic species. Captain Marvels absence is disappointing, especially given she was the big reveal on the issue before. Deadly Class is still a good read but it didn’t grasp me this week because the fear loathing theme is too convenient a fit for even more murder. However there is a glorious single page panel of two characters begin thrown through a shop window.


The Flash (2011-) 031-000The Flash #31

This is such a strange book because as they introduce Wally they take away what we loved about the character in the first place. His personality is a little irritating but he is a reckless youth and not The Flash at present. The redemptive future blue flash is an interesting idea that really needs to build momentum. Booth’s art and Dalhouse’s colouring is great though.



Uncanny Avengers 020-000Uncanny Avengers #20

I am not sure if it is the future alternative universe that has brought back to this book but I am really enjoying it. There is a subtle nuance that the future sees the bag guys rallying for the old ways, and the old good guys trying to stop them. Acuna is really shining on the art and the book is very bright and colourful, but I imagine he is not for everyone.



Winter Soldier - The Bitter March 004-000Winter Soldier #4

Just excellent writing from Remender as the train escape and Winter Soldier brainwashing theme continues. There is intense action and excellent dialogue as we see Bucky trying to break his programming. Honestly this is what I thought the movie Winter Soldier would be like. The turning of our SHIELD agent towards the end was truly excellently done.


Avengers v5 030-000Avengers #30 

This was a supposed Original Sin tie in but it really continues the with the Captain America/Iron Man betrayal story. This comic was just excellent and the classic future self reveal of Hawkeye was brilliantly done. I cannot express how much I am enjoying this book again.



Ms. Marvel (2014-) 004-000Ms Marvel #4

If this book isn’t on my list every month then it must really be having a bad week. You must adore Kamala as a lovely and confused teenager who is trying to be a hero. Her fearlessness in the face of naiveté is wonderfully rendered and the art is reflective of that. I just love that she was shot and the bullet ends up in the back of her pants.



Mighty_Avengers_Vol_2_10_Land_VariantMighty Avengers #10

This is the first Original Sin tie in that actually tries to develop Uatu as a character because, apparently he was befriended by Brashear a long while ago. It even Ulana in it, who was the Watcher’s wife from Fraction’s FF. Plus it was cool to see Blade in some great action panels.




Trees 001-000Trees #1

A fantastic opening issue! Check my review later this week.




SouthernBastards_02Southern Bastards #2

Latour’s art is exemplary in the rough and rugged nature of the dirty south. It is ugly and it is scary, with a story that really sends shivers down your spine. The father son dynamic really hits home with a great ending sequence. I would review this again if I could, but I said how wonderful it was from its opening issue!



DeadBodyRoad_06Dead Body Road #6

It is good to see that Jordan and Scalera didn’t overuse the theme of the book and draw out the issues. The comic finishes with this issue and the character development and transitions complete appropriately, if not sadly. Please buy the trade if you haven’t been reading it.



Sheltered_09-1Sheltered #9 

It has taken a very long time for me to warm to this story because I never really understood what was going on. I appreciate the safe haven theme from widespread collapse of civilisation but I never understood why the children killed their parents or how they were brainwashed. The aftermath has been a intriguing tale and this issue really bears the affects on the characters themselves. This is the first time that it has truly done that, and why it was a decent read.


Chew - Revival-000 Chew - Revival-018Chew/Revival #1

I loved the audacity of this comic, given it was split in two and read from two front covers. Check my report from Aaron Meyer’s Honour Roll:


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