The Theatre List 28/1 – But I need to get this off my chest…

Ummm it is difficult to know where to begin with this week’s report because I really don’t want to make too many complaints. However there were three books in particular that I really struggled to read, and one of those is one of the most popular books out there: Batman. The Joker as an idea is a brilliant one but the avenue that Snyder and Capullo are taking him is not one I can really believe. I already took in that he was a super intellect and a phenomenal biochemist, but to have him become this almost God like being is an idea I just don’t buy into. Now of course that is not Snyder’s intent, he is out there telling his story the best he can, and for the most it is solidly done. This issue did not allow Capullo much room to express, especially with the massive information dumps everywhere. I have always found Capullo a static image artists, his flow is not always that great but the single page that did stand out was Joker swimming towards us; sublime. The rest of the issue was just not interesting enough and there was too much rhetoric and it bored me. I appreciate this is the escalation of the Snyder/Capullo run but I am really not a fan. This brings me to Uncanny X-Men, which is the only X-Men book I actually normally enjoy reading. Bendis has taken his ludicrous idea of time travel and delved further into the depths, to pull out yet another hero from the past. I really like Bachalo’s art but this story is just pain silly and has no attention to detail whatsoever, it is like reading a recurring nightmare. Before I really fall foul of a full rant I wanted to commiserate over how I have fallen out of love of Remender’s Marvel work. I was once his biggest fan when he wrote Uncanny X-Force but Uncanny Avengers has become the most banal book I read these days. Hence why I think this will be my last purchase. I really hope it improves but I rejoice in reading Deadly Class and Black Science.

Marvel Codes

Uncanny Avengers #1 – TMAVZLD37TIA

Uncanny X-Men #30 – TMAISDWQUCKK

Deadpool #31 – TMA79LFALN8V


DIG050230_1The Multiversity Guidebook #1

I am so impressed with the level of detail and history Morrison has instilled in this series. I am not sure why because he is all about the attention to continuity and I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the multiple universes and the characters I recognise. The story was quite amusing too and not just because of the cute little superheroes. The beauty of this book lies in its love of comics and how they unify everything, I think there is a metaphor here for the world of comics…somewhere.


DIG049844_1Gotham Academy #4

I thoroughly enjoy this book because the characters are delightfully youthful and the narrative is as frustrating as it is to be a teenager. The artwork is also exceptional in depicting these themes. The story continues to entertain and the relationships continue to evolve ever so slowly.


DIG050798_3Thor #4 – TMAHSZLQS5N0

Check out what I wrote for Aaron Meyer’s Honour Roll:



DIG050796_3New Avengers #29 – ATC3W703BC6I

Even though the mystery is slowly disappearing as the plot reveals itself, I still am enjoying the read. Walker is a little off this issue but it is still solid work. I sometime feel we are neglecting subplots and characters because I would really love to see what is happening with Strange and the Multiversal Avengers!



DIG050807_2Secret Avengers #12 – ATC36KSE62R5

I am in love with MODOK as much as he is in love with Maria Hill. His protestation of love is so heartfelt that his betrayal of his own evil plan is very compelling. The story is linking together nicely and it is such a joy to read, especially with Walsh’s art being amazing throughout. Plus I could not believe Kot used Kanye West’s Monster as his ringtone!


DIG052077_2Casanova: Acedia #1

This was an immensely enjoyable opening chapter of a new title from Fraction, but it was Fabio Moon that really stole the show. His art is just wondrous and pretty and the stylisation of that time and the central character is really well thought out and very pleasing to read. The story is a solid beginning and hits all the right spots for a man trying to remember who he is.

DIG052091_2The Dying and the Dead #1

Just the first fifteen pages are worth buying the book for alone, wonderful misdirection and surprise. Bodenheim plays a very straight line and the emotional angst is so prominent, especially with the subtle use of colour. This story is classical Hickman, end of the human race, secret organisations and the never answered question of God’s existence.

DIG052086_2Rasputin #4

There is so much to enjoy with this book, the current assassination of Rasputin, the background story of him healing the Royal prince or the ghosts that follow him everywhere he goes. It is all fitting together in spectacular form and Rossmo’s art just could not be any better.

DIG052074_2Alex + Ada #12

This book continues to surprise me more and more. Just when I thought the crux of the story was over, we are hit with a huge confrontation that questions the belief of the normal people and the emotional constraint of the AI. I will never stop saying that the artwork is just wonderful, because it always is.

DIG050703_1Abigail and the Snowman #2

I adore Roger Langridge’s art so much that I thoroughly enjoy this childrens comic. He has that rare gift of emotional exposition in the fewest strokes of a pencil. The story is a whole lotta fun too.

DIG052094_2Zero #14

This was easily the issue where the littlest happened but it was like watching a ridiculously violent scene of a movie, where it isn’t gratuitous but relentless in order to stress the difficulty of the confrontation. Oleksicki’s pencils are as coarse and as textured as the fight itself, just harrowing and terrifying work.

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