Cover of the Week 4/2 – Ms Marvel #11 by Kris Anka

Ms. Marvel (2014-) 011-000Ms Marvel continues with the tradition of amazing covers, and as Jamie McKelvie steps to the side, Kris Anka takes his place. His emotional exposition is second to none and this cover captures that teenage spirit of wonderment yet innocence. The size of the roof of the house on this page fulfils a very specific purpose, to highlight how high up Kamala is and how she is perched to the side, not only enjoying the view but also to stay a little out of sight. This is because she wants to use her new powers and go somewhere she is not supposed to for fear of punishment for her family, but also to cheekily enjoy her cupcake. She does this with great enjoyment as the icing is all over her face and her superhero outfit. No matter how responsible she may have become with her newfound powers, she still has that childish recklessness. This is a chance for her to hide, do something she is not supposed to do and take joy in that little bit of risk taking. The trees and the moon are gorgeously lit and provide an environmental aesthetic that Kamala is probably enjoying around her. Anka is also enjoying the graphic style of the page by having her scarf float in the breeze parallel to the angled rooftop. It is a lovely image and Anka once again brings out the innocent temerity of a brave young girl.


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