The Theatre List 4/2 – A week of fantastic diversity!

As another week of fulsome amounts of comics passes, I haven’t too much to be ungrateful for. Both Superman and Green Lantern have become books I find uninteresting, especially John’s Superman. What was once a book that had some promise has turned into a rather dull story which ended with some unimpressive twists. Not that they weren’t impactful once because they were but new powers and an identity reveal are as classic as they come. Green Lantern was bizarre because nothing really happened and the cover makes out there is more occurring than actually does. Hulk, Angela and Grayson were all solid writing and artwork but were all quite average. Saga continued in a similar vein with the obligatory filthy shock moment, but the story jumped forward rather annoyingly. It tried to make for additional drama but failed, but Staples still draws amazingly. Oh and we had Star Wars, which was okay. Nothing exceptional and I think Cassaday was a little off key this week but the story was fine. The feel of the folklore is there but it is not that compelling yet. As I said above I cannot complain too much because there were a number of great books this weeks”

Marvel Codes:

Angela: Asgard’s Assassin #3 – TMAULGH7XII3

Hulk #11 – ATCXRQ5I4ML9


DIG050403_2Action Comics #39

As much as this story has not really inspired me, the finale was a lovely personal tale for Clark about overcoming fear and anxiety. The artwork by Kolins is so beautiful and bold that I love the bearded Superman and how emotional he is. The actual plot may not have been good but the rapports and friendships win overall.



DIG050415_2Detective Comics #39

Brilliant, just brilliant. This is what I wrote for Aaron Meyer’s Honour Roll:




Ms. Marvel (2014-) 011-000Ms Marvel #11

You have to hand it to Wilson and Alphona for ending this arc with a joyous bang. Kamala is brilliant and captures the imagination of that teenager reading comics again for the first time and she is drawn with such joy and vigour. The naive spirit of the superhero still lives in this book and it needs to be enjoyed and held onto for as long as we possibly can.


DIG051197_2The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #2 – TMAFUQQG794H

For all my consternations about compelling and intriguing books, I do have a fun side and that is where this book is found. There is so much to enjoy with her quirky dialogue and attempts to fit in, together with her internal monologue and hilarity in facial expression and movements. I don’t mind that she is taking on Iron Man armour to fight Galactus because it is not taking itself too seriously.


DIG051178_2Ant-Man #2 – ATC1F6I43L4A

This was a great action tale of a man trying to become better. His failings are worn on his demeanour and his attempts to rectify them are heartfelt and fragile. I loved the idea of a bank holding an aged Nazi Robot in their vaults, need I say more?



DIG051182_2Avengers #41 – ATC6AWESDGS2

What an issue. I seem to want to say this every issue but Hickman has a way of continually hitting you with a surprise that actually shocks you and makes you desperate for more. It is incredible how we see on the other side of the looking glass and realise that there is still everything to play for, I knew the Cabal would not go down so easily.



DIG050986_4Hawkeye #21 – TMAF2CPWUVPB

I am so shocked to see this book again and was a little apprehensive about whether it was still going to be great. It was and the fight scenes were so well drawn again with inspired innovation and the Aja’s emotional conviction was on point. I would like to say I will really miss this book when it is gone, but I wont, because it has already been gone for too long.


DIG051196_2The Punisher #15 – TMAXSQJ6B6PP

Just an amazingly well constructed piece of graphic art. The way in which Edmondson has built this story from issue one is so impressive, especially how Frank has evolved from a fighting machine into a man that is able to converse with people and convince them of a bigger picture. Gerads art is as brutal and honest as ever.




26352Lady Killer #2

Joelle Jones draws such an elegant but vicious central character, and as alluring she is in her traditional frocks and bunny outfits, her violence is strangely disturbing. The story is taking quite a nasty turn which you certainly would expect and I wonder how long the elegance will remain, especially when the plot is anything but.



DIG052561_1Stray Bullets: Sunshine and Roses #1

I have always pondered this series because I have found myself equally liking and detesting Lapham’s work. But this issue was just brilliant as he captured that paper thin boundary between love, loyalty and desperate violence. It is intense and quite iconic in places and I actually cannot wait for the next issue.



DIG052563_1Velvet #9

As always I will never not recommend this book because whatever happens, it will be written well, draw beautifully and coloured so viscerally. This was a rather brilliant issue with the classic spy out in the cold retrieval story. Brubaker always keeps it quite fresh in how he tells the tale but the real delight is watching how Epting and Breitweiser show it unfold.


DIG052547_1East of West #17

What in incredible book. That blurred vision of religious rhetoric amongst the unfettered selfish desires of man emanated from this book. The final pages of Death and Xiao are so beautifully intimate and tragic simultaneously. It is amazing how he finally gets what he wants but will never be happy.



DIG052449_1Feathers #2

Jorge Corona is incredible once again as he plays out a childish superhero story in a steampunkish haunted little town. It is a delight to see the nervousness of Poe combined with the indignant optimism of his friend Bianca. It is a lovely retelling of a Dickensesque tale.



DIG052564_1Wytches #4

Just when you thought it was becoming a little less scary, Snyder comes out with a subplot that brings the chills once again. It wasnt necessarily the sadist bilateral amputee or being confined in a dark hole but the horrid background story of an abusive father. The art is equally as scary and Hollingsworth splatter pattern foregrounds bring this added level of texture to every scene. Just harrowing.

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