The Theatre List 25/3 – As the end draws near

Surprisingly I actually have very few complaints this week! It is not that much of a surprise if you consider how many books I have actually recommended. There were a couple of books that disappointed but not too a significant level, more an average one. I was also pleased to see Darth Vader improve because the addition of a female character added some depth to the dryness and focus of Vader, even though there was nothing overly impressive in the book outside of some robotic excitement. Amazing X-Men was quite good and I am enjoying the return of the Juggernaut but the story did not end with this “final part” because it carries into another arc, which was a little irksome but stopped me from recommending it. The Flash has become accepted as a very average book and this issue did not disappoint in that. I found the character transitions rushed and it all moving towards a hopeful climactic end before it all changes again. I get the feeling that many books are reaching a climax or just ending before the new events that are on the horizon with DC and Marvel. In any case, there was much to keep us happy.


DIG054202_3Batman & Robin #40

I do enjoy watching Bruce always be correct and Robin’s outing with the Justice League was good to see. The movement of the plot is a little quick but I have a feeling that Damain needs to be of a certain type prior to oncoming events. This comic continued in hitting all the right notes in that the family themes are always at the forefront of the books objectives.


DIG054244_2Multiversity: Ultra Comics #1

Just bonkers. Ultra as a character is an amalgam of many strong powered guys before but his determination and impossible to understand powers and origin are quite a nice touch. It reminded me a little of Irredeemable. The story was fun and the characters all seem so well crafted and it is good to see Mahnke on art again.



Gotham Academy 006-000Gotham Academy #6

See my review!




DIG054709_2Secret Avengers #14 – FMCVSKTFPH2P

I love it when a plan comes together, and Ales Kot knows how to wow his audience and give them a reveal worthy of the end of an arc. Each character takes their own personal growth and it all is considered as the plan is enacted. It is genuinely lovely and quite moving and Walsh has a firm grip of how to deliver the emotional turbulence.



DIG054702_1Elektra #11 – NTMUQKT1X0H3

I am so sad this book is ending because it feels like such a unique Elektra reimagining. Del Mundo has the most incredible way of delivering violence, blood and determination. The colouring brings such depth and he transcends into the kind of artist that turns anything to gold.



DIG054698_1Daredevil #14 – FMC2F4RK5PU9

As if the new look masks Daredevil is not the coolest change to the character in a long time. I love the idea and the new troubles it is certainly going to bring. His new cockiness and devil may care attitude is welcomed. The plot is moving into an interesting direction as it is tying together a number of arcs over the past year.



DIG054692_2New Avengers #32 – FMC2D8CMXV3P

It is all coming to an end as the Multiversal Avengers head into what may be their final battle. The relationships built over years and the time dedicated to Thor/Hyperion and Nightmask/Starbrand really bring value to the events of this book. It is beautiful and quite sad at the same time.



Uncanny X-Men (2013-) 032-000Uncanny X-Men #32

I do love me a good Scott introspection story, even though this one featured Havok but there needed to be a counterbalance, and for reasons that will become obvious, it could not be Emma. Bachalo did a good job on art but it could’ve been even more amazing with Anka.




DIG055138_2Wytches #5

This book just flew up the ranks in a way I never expected. I always found the story a little difficult to follow but enjoyed the art, however this penultimate issue really pushed to forward, poltwise, characterwise and definitely horrorwise. It is just brilliantly exciting and simultaneously nauseating, I just don’t think I have ever read a book as good at horror than this one.


DIG055135_2The Autumnlands: Tooth & Claw #5

The plot is making decent headway, even though it is somewhat predictable the chicanery and betrayal. It is well done though and the protagonists find themselves in a difficult situation as the oncoming bison are ready to take charge. The art is beautiful and the colouring sublime and quite distinct from Bellaire’s other work.



The Wicked + The Divine 009-000The Wicked + The Divine #9

This issue really stamped this comic into the top five books because the story really surprised me and was less angst ridden rhetoric and more eventful with repercussions. I genuinely feel for Laura and cannot wait to see what happens. Also I cannot not mention the glorious art and colouring by McKelvie & Wilson.



DIG055136_2Wayward #6

I am really pleased this book is back because I have genuinely missed the authentic Japanese feel to the book and the lovely manga-esque art of Steve Cummings. The story has taken an interesting twist because it now focuses on another character altogether, and I am excited to see how it all fits in.



DIG055120_1Goners #6

The Latimer kids are a great example of plucky, coming of age teens who have taken on an unknown legacy of their parentage. The story has really moved them on from initial naiveté and they end in style. I will say that the art was a little incoherent at times and the flow difficult to follow. However the ending of the arc was well done with great gusto.



DIG054276_1The October Faction #5

Speaking of children taking on their parents legacy, this is exactly what the October Faction is about. The story is a little more on the horror side and the art is very dark and gothic. The use of expanses of black between panels really builds an atmosphere. It also tends to suspense and this is the penultimate issue with a big ending in sight.



DIG055115_2Chew #47

Since the ridiculous ending of the last arc where a significant amount of damage was done, we have entered a lull period and the book is slowly exiting that. The repercussions have been important and build to a bigger climax, once we get there. Tony and his new partner are back in action and hot on the heels of the murderer of our beloved Poyo. The book has its own style and humour and if you love that then you will always be buying it.


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