The Theatre List 1/4 – It’s oh so quiet…

It felt like a very quiet week this week, and I find it quite strange how many books made the list last week compared to the seven this time. Avengers #43 saw a little bit of a change up with a different artist and a return to the Iron Man part of the story, which felt a little estranged. Maybe because of the time spent away from him or the way in which he is dealt with, but I did not enjoy the issue as much as I expected. Also the Shi’ar aspects of the story were lost on me, it was all too much too quick to take in. I wanted to mention the Dying and the Dead because it was a perfectly proficient comic but the themes of, getting the gang back together, one last heist and overcoming the odds is just stale. The characters are largely stereotypical except that they are older, but the opening scene was quite entertaining and a nice twist on the old man hustling until his final days. The comic did not bring enough of the fantastical mystery that the first issue completely blew us away with. I am sure as it moves on, we will see more of the craziness, but sadly not in this issue.


The Punisher (2014-) 017-000Punisher #17

Even though the ending was slightly anti-climactic, there was a just and almost realistic conclusion. We also did get to see Frank versus Sam in a battle probably not seen before!



Rocket Raccoon (2014-) 010-000Rocket Raccoon #10

Rocket must be a modern day version of Hans Solo, in that he is cocky, always causing trouble, loves to drink and has big incoherent muscle. The writing and the art hits those notes perfectly and the humour is rampant through the book making it quite enjoyable indeed.


Black Science 013-000Black Science #13

Black Science has become one of those book everyone should be reading, it does not matter if the issue is not as strong or as exciting as the last, the quality of the writing and art is at a very high level. This issue drew back to the family themes and in, what has become classic Remender fashion, the twist leaves you devastated.



Nailbiter 011-000Nailbiter #11

This was a fantastically intense issue where the psychological torture of good guy and bad guy was so well played out, juxtaposed nicely between another serial killer making their move. It has a definite Hannibal Lector feel to it and the payoff is great!



Lady Killer 004-001Lady Killer #4

This book just got more exciting and the ramping up of maintaining a subterfuge whilst being hunted was really cleverly done. Decisions are to be made and the hierarchy of the establishment are all about to change. As always, fantastic art, classy and violent!



Southern Bastards 008-000Southern Bastards #8

This issue sees the end of the Euless boss arc and the themes developed as a young man brought to the forefront of the story. There is a heart to be ripped out as there was in the first arc, but the compassion is not as deeply held as it was with old Earl. I think that is because there is more of a disconnect between what happened and what is happening, but nonetheless it was a great issue.


Feathers 004-000Feathers #4 

I have rapidly fallen for this book because the childish innocence of a world divided into two is beautifully represented by our main character and his princess. This issue saw the worlds collide and the rife prejudices that seep throughout. Just a gorgeous book.

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