The Theatre List 17/2 – And that’s all she wrote

I was quite surprised that Welcome to Pleasant Hill was the beginning of a crossover, in that a perfectly reasonable story was actually the prelude to something bigger. The plot was pretty standard as a man lost in an environment where he is clearly being manipulated and begins to suspect as much. There was nothing else to really emphasise which is why it failed to make the list, but I wonder if this is enough to base a larger storyline over. Silver Surfer suffers the same problems I always have with Dan Slott, interesting ideas with weak execution. As much as I love Allred’s art, the writing and story are tiring me and I have little interest in the Thing. Actually there wasn’t much else to discuss because it seemed like a very short week, especially considering I only bought one indie title.

Marvel Codes

Silver Surfer #2 – FCMQ1X26NFF7

Avengers Standoff: Welcome to Pleasant Hill #1 – THM372YXU3QV


334490._SX640_QL80_TTD_Robin: Son of Batman #9

This was a rather self reflective issue for Damian as he looks upon Bruce as a man he no longer recognises, and vice versa. He then looks upon adventures had and the legacy he has left and knows he has to find resolve before his loneliness improves. This was a lovely issue and sets up well the next arc.


334804._SX640_QL80_TTD_The Mighty Thor #4 – FCMBK4M9YZ7A

This was an incredible issue of Thor as Jane decides enough is enough. She grabs her hammer and stands up for what she believes right in the heart of Asgard with Loki, Freya and Odin in her sights. Dauterman and Wilson produce such a wonderful looking book and I look forward to Thor taking her stand.

334909._SX640_QL80_TTD_Power Man & Iron Fist #1 – FCM4DUIHSQ0C

Sanford Greene is unique artist but his work fitted very nicely with the personalities involved. Luke is amusing as he tries to act serious all the time and Danny is always quizzical as he certainly takes nothing seriously. This was a great opener and there are many of us itching to read more.

Spider-Woman 004-000Spider-Woman #4 – FMDKTCCL15SH

Check out my review!



339638._SX640_QL80_TTD_Fuck Fairyland #5

This is the final issue of an adult tale of Scottie Young’s fairyland adventure. It is amazing how the uber violent and obnoxious Gertrude finally takes control of her life, in a very aggressive way. The final twist was deserved and very fitting and the series ends on a great note. Except it wont, there will be another arc…

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