Cover of the Week 24/2 – Justice League #48 by Jason Fabok


It has been a while since I have taken to a fantastic team composition shot. Jason Fabok produces an amazing cover with a mixture of the classic heroes and villains, but with the added twist of their altered New God powers. It is essentially quite an evil cover as there are some stern faces ad menacing glares, making it difficult to know who the heroes even are. However looking towards the bottom of the page you can see the Green Lanterns in full effect fighting shadow demons. Where Fabok is most impressive is the grandeur of his heroes, they are physically intimidating and reach a degree of perfection you want in those you idolise. The death infused Flash looks unbelievably scary even though he is still technically Barry.  Even Luthor has an air of intimidation and his robot suit is precise and glorious. The colouring of this page lends to its beauty as there are darker shades of red, grey and silver but the green of the lanterns and the orange of the backdrop complement wonderfully. Over the years we have seen many a team cover that few seem to stand out but this page is glorious in its visual intensity.

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