The Theatre List 24/2 – And we are back!

I was delighted with last weeks comics, especially seeing books such as Chew, Outcast and Black Magick giving stellar performances. Marvel and DC both featured a few books too which was a pleasant surprise. In fact a fair amount of comics made the list which hasn’t hit ten books often in the past months. So let us talk about those that failed to make the grade, starting with DKIII. Despite my misgivings about the initial issues, we have hit a status quo with Bruce being very much alive and needing to save the world again…with Superman. However there were some good aspects to this book because there was more tension in the build up, and it made me feel on edge throughout. Overall though it was found wonting in any novel or interesting concepts. Karnak made a return this week after many months and quite honestly, it was almost worth the wait but not quite. The Zaffino art was quite impressive and the silent pages dedicated to just a fight were fluid and powerful. Unfortunately there was no meaning to the ending and the change in artist for the aftermath pages led us no nearer to feeling anything for the confrontation. I do feel that this issue attempts to replicate Moon Knight in many ways but falls short of that genius. Finally I wanted to make mention of Nowhere Men as this second issue brought new sub-plots into play that have yet to connect to the heart of the book. It felt disjointed and this comic is normally quite tough to read with all the pseudo-advertisement intervals. The central story is still interesting but left us somewhat distracted. Let us move onto the goodies!

Marvel Codes

Karnak #2 – FCMQX78SCW0E

Daredevil #4 – THMF1MC8X0BP


337351._SX640_QL80_TTD_Grayson #17

This issue saw an interesting head to head with Grifter and Grayson with Checkmate becoming involved in the fray. Di Giandomenico is no Janin but played out some decent fight scenes and kept the movement fluid. As always the story is well executed leaving you with no idea who the bad guys actually are.

324897._SX640_QL80_TTD_Justice League #48

Another fantastic issue of Justice League as it harks back the the beginnings of the Crime Syndicate first appearing on this planet. As the New God Justice League merges with the Syndicate there is all sorts of difficulties and stubborn personas, but the hunt for the Anti-life equation continues with wonderful art from Fabok.


337136._SX640_QL80_TTD_The Astonishing Ant-Man #5 – THMA6J6K1H45

It is a little hodgepodge in its execution but the central premise of the story is still obvious, even though it does revolve around a villain app. I don’t like the plot but it is fresh and new with a twist that might prove ridiculous but thats exactly what we expect form this book. Ant-Man teaching Giant-Man in a lego made city is just brilliant.

337123._SX640_QL80_TTD_All New All Different Avengers #6 – FCMZWVBJJJ42

This was the issue that finally brought together the themes and characters, and as solid as the plot culminated, the previous issues suffered with pacing. The kids all came together in unison after classic misunderstandings and Sam and Jane had the interaction that they deserved, not a cheesy superhero kiss.

337186._SX640_QL80_TTD_the unbeatable Squirrel Girls #5 – FCMWFRINFSGR

Note the subtle “s” in the title? Yes because that is what this issue saw, multiple Doreen’s kicking Doom’s ass. If you need me to explain how such a ludicrous concept works then I would suggest you just pick it up and read because the book is just wonderfully warm and amazing.

337166._SX640_QL80_TTD_Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #4 – THM6HXIB1Z8F

The mentality of a child is not represented anywhere better than with this comic. The sense of failure and disappointment is so palatable and leaves you with a sense of despair, as it does the lovely Lunella. The art is joyously caricaturist with the bright colours of a child’s imagination.

337123._SX640_QL80_TTD_All New X-Men #5 – FCMP5TDG9DRF

Hopeless is pursuing the isolated character sub-plots and trying to merge them with a giant bad guy confrontation. I am not entirely sure it is working as it is too segregated but the relationship between Angel and X-23 is so engaging and difficult to watch, that it is an angle everyone should be reading.


Chew 055-000Chew #55

Check out my review later this week!


Outcast by Kirkman & Azaceta 016001Outcast #16

This issue saw Azaceta draw a very different confrontation with fervour and pain. Normally the demonic interactions are a little docile with some magical elements but this was a straight up beating. The pages were uncomfortable to read and very emotionally impactful. The story is making very slight headway each issue but it is just enough to keep the fear alive.

Black Magick 005-000Black Magick #5

This is the first appearance of this comic since the opener and that is because it has moved so slowly that I lost interest. However the wonderful art from Scott is proving consistent and even more impressive as the first proper black magic fight is depicted with intensity and terror. I could read many more issues like this.

Four Eyes - Hearts of Fire 002-000Four Eyes #2

Just the most incredible artwork, I shall be reviewing this book very soon.



340860._SX640_QL80_TTD_Invisible Republic #9

As you would expect the plot continues to become thicker and thicker and Maia’s footsteps become harder and harder to trace. I never imagined the depths this book would go to to demonstrate Arthur’s betrayal, but each and every issues builds to it more and more, with some of the insidious¬†and dark art you will see.

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