The Theatre List 2/3 – Accepting the new status quo

Would it be annoying if I described this week as another quiet one? I think it is time to accept that this is the new status quo. DC are readying a reboot and Image are putting out failing no.1 issues and rely on their high quality delayed on goings. Marvel are churning out the books and there are less solid books that the previous reboot, but some are certainly pushing through the teething troubles. I feel Uncanny Avengers is almost ready to join ANAD Avengers in this group, as the Deadpool and Quicksilver interactions were amusing, but we are waiting for the Red Skull story to ready bed in. A-Force is an interesting book and though it is reasonably written, it lacks a real foundation. I appreciate Singularity finding her old A-Force friends and saving them but the interactions just don’t work as well as they did in the original Secret Wars tie-in. As a first arc it is not bad and the final issue will probably cement the ongoing stories. Green Lantern #50 was a perplexing book because though the idea of Hal Jordan:Parallax vs Hal Jordan lone gunman is an exciting idea, it is had more worrying underlying principles. The GL corp seemed to be exempt from the New52 as it carried on regardless with its story, but this book is based upon the fact that Hal Jordan was never Parallax, and his latter incarnation has come from another dimension. It takes away from the legacy of Hal and jars when reading this issue, especially because it is a solid book overall. It is a shame how we can retcon the most iconic of characters. But what else is new? However there were some fantastic books otherwise!

Marvel Codes


Spider-Man #2 – FCMXSF01HYNV


339231._SX640_QL80_TTD_Deadpool #8 – FCMSL1BENHGP

I kinda miss the lunacy of Deadpool, ever since he split from Madcap but he does have the older Kelly feel to the character. It is a great detective story as he tries to find those that murdered his parents, and the next person in his sights is Sabretooth. It is a decent story and quite exciting too given we know who really killed his parents.

339241._SX640_QL80_TTD_Old Man Logan #3 – FCMLQN5UCZ28

Though it bugs me that there is a guest star in every issue of this comic (much like All New Wolverine actually) the story is playing out with some interesting ideas. The vengeful Logan is slowly realising his quest is pure ridiculousness and his life in this world is not the life he believes he is destined to relive. Plus Sorrentino is simply magnificent.

339217._SX640_QL80_TTD_Avengers: Standoff Assault on Pleasant Hill #1 – FCM5UNKSELWL

I am ready to admit I am enjoying the premise of this book. Maria Hill created a new kind of penitentiary where she uses a mysterious child to psychologically lock prisoners into a pleasant village. The origin of this child is simply ridiculous but the rest of this book is well written and looks great. But another crossover does not enthuse me.

339222._SX640_QL80_TTD_Black Widow #1 – FCMZ6P4QKPL6

Breathtakingly fantastic from start to finish. This whole issue is almost a silent chase sequence but it looks and flows incredibly with some lovely colouring suited to the violence and colour scheme. Waid, Samnee and Wilson can make anything into pure gold and I am in love with this comic.


343208._SX640_QL80_TTD_Deadly Class #19 

Okay this book has continued to make this list because of one reason: Wes Craig. I maintain that the story is repeating itself and that the themes of betrayal have now superseded teenage confusion but it reads so intensely and energetically. Some of the scenes move as if they are in slow motion and you can feel every impact. Craig is a uniquely stellar talent.

343236._SX640_QL80_TTD_The Fuse: Perhelion #18

Check my review later this week!

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